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10 Reasons Why You Need a Market Timing Signal

Market Timing Signal ReportThe next investing decade will crush your investment portfolio unless you have a market timing signal to follow.

Bear markets are ambushing investors with regular frequency and have shredded millions of retirement portfolios in the process.  The sheer volatility and risk that has entered our markets is now here to stay.

If you can't see a market turn starting to form you will be dead in the water - it is as simple as that.  Trends don't last forever, buy and hold is dead, so you need a market timing signal to follow if you plan to stay invested in the stock market.  Here is our top 10 reasons why most investors will fail in the next decade without a market timing signal to guide the way:

Trends Don't Last Forever

Hot sector trends for the most part now last for several weeks or months in today's stock market, so you need a market timing signal that will help you indentify when market trends are setting up, and when they are beginning to break down.  Gone are the days where you can throw a little money in the market and forget about it for 5 years.  This also applies to your pensions and retirement savings plans - you need to keep an eye on market trends to protect your nest egg.  A market timing signal can help you protect the value of your retirement savings and pension plans, and can signal when to shift them into safer investment alternatives before trouble hits the markets.

Bear Market Frequency is Increasing

The pace of returning bear markets is accelerating and are having a devastating effect on investor portfolios. The real concerning question is whether or not the pace of returning bear markets will accelerate even faster as the Baby Boomer generation starts to unwind stock market investments and prepare for retirement.  The effect of this demographic groups impact on certain stock market sectors will create opportunities and risks.  With a reliable market timing signal to guide the way you will know which sectors to pursue, and which to avoid.

Buy and Hold is DEAD!

The strict practice of "Buy and Hold" is an outdated investment strategy that has not performed well over the last decade.  This is a strategy marketed by mutual fund companies in the late 70's and 80's that worked well in those markets during a secular bull run, but was a flop over the last decade.  Alternate investment strategies exist that not only outperform buy and hold results, but will also help preserve your portfolio capital in times of market distress.  A market timing signal can help time your entry into new trending sectors as well as time your exit and lock in profits.

Rising Levels of Market Volatility

The stock market over the last decade has experienced volatility levels we have never seen before.  The rapid rise and fall of stock valuations is happening faster and faster, and those without a directional compass in the markets will end up being market road kill.  The rapid development of hybrid securities, derivative securities, and the ability to engage in shorting or leveraged trades has added an entire new dimension of volatility and risk to the equity markets that did not exist a decade ago.  Some experts fear that a massive correction and fallout will occur at somepoint in the future, so the use of a market timing signal can help warn you when this shift is about to happen, and help you protect your investment portfolio.

You Need to Know When to Head for the Exits

Sometimes the best offence is a great defence.  Knowing when to get out of the markets and sit on the sidelines with cash is often more important that trying to catch the next big trade.  Preserving you capital in market downturns can actually magnify your long-term returns if you use the opportunity to buy stocks and sectors at the bottom while everyone is selling.   The use of a market timing signal can help you time your market moves and warn of pending market tops and also when market bottoms are being formed.

You Can Get Crushed on the Wrong Side of a Trade

Investing in the wrong side of a trade can be a sickening feeling as you watch your capital erode before your very own eyes.  This urge to average down and put more money into the trade is often hard to resist because as human beings it is very hard for us to admit that we are wrong... so we hold on and hope.  The use of a market timing signal can give you a valuable and indifferent view on your potential trades... a view that is based on unbiased mechanical and mathematical analysis of market price trends.

Market Information Overload Is Creating Paralysis

Investor paralysis is becoming a more common phenomenon due to the amazing level of information now available at anyone's fingertips with an internet connection.  The sheer volume of trading news and information is crushing the individual investors ability to stay focused on the big picture.  It is so hard not to get caught up in the minutia of detailed information that is available on any stock or sector trading you are investigating.  The use of market timing signal can guide you into sectors and stocks that are already trending with strong price momentum mathematics, and can be a great tool to confirm your trading hunches.

Human Emotions Actually Make Trade Results Worse

As human beings we all have certain psychological biases that make us behave in certain ways.  These biases surface in most peoples investment decisions, and can have a significant and detrimental effect on our ability to build wealth in the long run. The use of a market timing signal can help mitigate these behavioral biases by having a detailed and decisive methodology that is quantitative and based 100% on mechanical and unemotional technical analysis trading models.  Following a timing signal can eliminate the human bias from the investing equation.

You've Lost Sight of the Big Picture

When you combine the accelerating pace of volatility in the markets, with the sheer volume of information now available, and add in the bias of human emotions, it is very easy to get caught up in the details of a trade and actually lose sight of the big picture.  Why are you investing in the stock market?  Why focus on a thousand small and stressful trades when you could achieve the same result with a couple of simple trades per month following major sector trends?  Why are you wasting hours out of your day pouring through stock charts and screening tools?  Why put all this pressure on yourself when there is an easier way using a simple market timing signal approach to your trading?

You Need to Take Back Control

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